AES : The Language of Academic Writing

The Language of Academic Writing

Course Description
This course is a general introduction to academic writing.  The six workshops will highlight the features of good academic writing and help you to organise your sentences and paragraphs appropriately.  You will work on selecting and expanding vocabulary for your assignments.  There will be guidance and practice in producing the noun phrases and sentence structures that will help make your writing more precise, clear and objective.  You will learn how to include your own ideas and the ideas of others, using paraphrasing, citing and referencing.  Finally, you will learn how to check your own writing in order to correct mistakes and make improvements.

Who is this course aimed at?
Students who are new to academic writing at university level or would like an introduction to the core skills required to construct cohesive academic texts.

There are six sessions in The Language of Academic Writing course. You must book these sessions individually. The next session will become available to book each week as the course progresses. Sessions can be booked independently of each other but it would be beneficial to attend as many as possible to get the most from the course.

21 January
Topic: What is ‘academic’? An introduction to British academic culture and how it relates to writing
What to bring: A sample of your writing

28 January
Topic: The structure of writing: sentences, paragraphing & organisation.
What to bring: A sample of your writing

04 February
Topic: Academic vocabulary: genre & style.
What to bring: A sample of your writing

11 February
Topic: Using nouns over verbs: cohesion & objectivity.
What to bring: A sample of your writing

18 February
Topic: Incorporating sources: voices in your writing; paraphrasing & citing.
What to bring: A sample of your writing

25 February
Topic: Editing: methods for proofreading your own work
What to bring: A sample of your writing


How to book:
1) Go to:
Use Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Internet Explorer may not work
2) Log in with your UAL username and password
3) Go to the Language Development tab and then choose Academic English Skills Classes
4) Select the time you wish to book and note the location.
You will receive an email notification with details of the booking.

If you cannot come to your class, please cancel your booking at least 48 hours before the session.  This will allow another student to book. Please log into Skills Forge to cancel your booking.  There is a cancellation link you can click at the bottom of the booking confirmation.