Language Development FAQ

Do I need to book the Foundation class?
You don’t need to apply to your Foundation class. If you need to attend, you will get an email from the class teacher closer to the time confirming the time and location. The Foundation Language Development class times are also on your CELCAT course calendar.

Do I have a Course Specific class?
If you have a Course Specific Language Development class, it will be visible on your CELCAT timetable. You do not have to book this class in advance; just attend class and the teacher will mark you present on the register.  Please note, not all courses have a specific Language Development class.

What do we do in the Course Specific class?
The English class for your course is specifically designed to support your course and main assignments. It will assist you with the language and skills you need to help you be successful in your course.

I have a timetable clash with my course what should I do?
If there is a timetable clash for your course and the Language Development class, you must always attend your main course first and attend the language classes on the weeks where you have no timetable clash. If there is a clash every week please let us know at: languagedevelopment@arts.ac.uk

I don’t have a Course Specific class on My CELCAT timetable. What does this mean?
If you cannot see any Language Development classes on your CELCAT timetable it means that there are not any Course Specific Language Development classes attached to your course. Course Specific Language Development classes are requested by course leaders, so it may be that there are not enough students on your course for a Language Development class. If, however, you do have a group of ten students or more on your course who need language development please let your course leader know.

All students can access:
Academic English Skills
Holiday Intensive Courses
Drop-in Tutorials
Bookable Tutorials

What happens in a tutorial?
A tutorial is not a proofreading service. You bring a sample of work you want advice on and the tutor will offer guidance on ways of improving your use of English.  This can be written work, spoken work, reading, help with understanding your assignments, choice of vocabulary, grammar issues and more.

I would like to attend a tutorial.  What’s available?
Drop-in Tutorials
Bookable Tutorials

We also offer Online Tutorials

What happens if the bookable tutorials are fully booked?
• New tutorials are released for booking every Friday until two weeks before the end of term, so check on Fridays.
• If there are no bookable tutorials available you can attend a drop-in tutorial.
• If there is a large group of students on your course with an assignment due and there are no tutorials available tell your course leader. We may be able to help.

How do I cancel my tutorial if I cannot attend?
• Log into SkillsForge with your usual log in and select the cancel option
• You must cancel your booking at least 48 hours before the session.
• If you miss two tutorials without cancelling, you will be NOT be able to book again this term.

I am a PhD student can I attend Language Development?
You may find the following Language Development provisions useful:
Academic English Skills
Holiday Intensive Courses
Drop-in Tutorials
Bookable Tutorials

What happens if I need help during the holidays?
In the early part of the Christmas and Easter holidays we run Holiday Intensive Courses
We also offer Online Tutorials