Bookable Tutorials

These are 1-1 tutorials with a Language Tutor. The tutorials are available at different college sites.
You can choose the time and location of your session when you book a tutorial 

Please bring your student ID with you. Tutorials are not transferable to another student. You will only be allowed to attend the tutorial if you have booked it in your name.

If you cannot come to your tutorial, you must cancel your booking at least 48 hours before the session.  Please log into Skills Forge to cancel your booking.  There is a cancellation link you can click at the bottom of the booking confirmation.

  • The session lasts 30-minutes
  • Please bring your assignment brief.
  • You are permitted 4 tutorials per term.
  • This is not a proofreading service but the tutor will offer guidance.
  • New sessions are made available weekly.

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