Progress Test

Are you going to continue studying at UAL on a higher degree course in 2017/18?  Maybe you are going from Foundation to BA?  BA to PGDip or MA?  PGDip to MA?  MA to PhD?
Do you have a conditional offer because your IELTS score is not high enough for the new degree?

If so, we offer an opportunity for you to show your English language skills have improved so you can advance to a higher degree.  It is called Progress Test, and it tests four skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening.  If you get the test score your new degree course requires, you will not have to take an external test like IELTS.  However, the Progress Test differs from the IELTS test. Take a look at the Progress Test 2017 Format to learn more about the content of our test.

We offer Progress Test courses that can help develop your English language skills and which help prepare you for the test.

For more information, including the dates of the test and the fee, please download this document: Progress 2017 Test Information.
Places for the Progress Test are limited, as the test only takes place three times a year.
To book your test please see the Progress Test webpage: