Progress Test

General information about the Progress test

If you are currently studying at UAL, and want to progress to the next level of university study (e.g. from Foundation to BA, from undergraduate to postgraduate) you can take UAL’s Progress Test to achieve the IELTS equivalent score required for the next level.  Please note that the Progress Test is not the same as an IELTS test.

Test Fee: £145

Progress Test Dates 2019:

Progress Test 2:
21 and 22 March 

Progress Test 3:
25 and 26 April 

Progress Test 4:
 22 and 23 May

Progress Test 5:
10 and 11 June

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Below are some materials which may help with preparation for your Progress test:

Progress Test Format

Tattoo Text

Tattoo Reading Key

Tattoo Writing Task

Tattoo Reading Tasks

Wildlife Photography Booklet

2017 Speaking and Listening Band Descriptors

2017 Writing Band Descriptors