AES: Speaking, Fluency and Pronunciation

This class aims to help you improve your speaking skills by focusing on fluency and pronunciation. You will become more aware of your voice, pitch and tone and how this impacts on the listener, giving you more confidence when you interact with other students and staff in the university context.

These are repeat classes from the previous term.
There will be two classes covering the same material to keep the class size below 15.

Speaking, Fluency and Pronunciation A
05th February-12th March
High Holborn
17:30– 19:30

Speaking, Fluency and Pronunciation B
07th February-14th March
High Holborn
17.00 – 19.00

Session and Date Speaking skills Fluency and Pronunciation Focus Preparation task
1. 5th or 7th Feb Responding to and starting a conversation Natural speech and weak forms Reading
2. 12th or 14th Feb Supporting your argument Sentence stress and speed Listening
3. 19th or 21st Feb Interrupting and being interrupted Linking words and missing sounds Reading
4. 26th or 28th Feb Introducing and leading a group discussion Pitch, voice projection and fillers Listening
5. 5th or 7th March Agreeing and disagreeing Connected speech Reading
6. 12th or 14 March Clarifying what you mean (reformulating) Grouping words and stress Listening

Each session is  booked individually you can book a new session once you have attended your booked session

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Cancellations: If you need to cancel your place please do so by logging into SkillsForge and cancelling your booking 48 hours before the session so that another student can book the place.