AES: Fashion Business Report Writing

This two-part course is an introduction to Fashion Business Report Writing. The two sessions will highlight the main features of successful reports for the fashion industry.  There will be both guidance and practice to help you in making your report writing skills more precise, clear and objective as well as learning how to organise and structure a professional business report. Finally, you will learn how to check your own writing in order to correct mistakes and make improvements.

These sessions are aimed at Fashion students who are new to business report writing or would like an introduction to the core skills required to construct an effective, cohesive, industry-standard business report.
Sessions One and Two are booked together. Please only make a booking if you can attend BOTH sessions.

Session One: Friday 26th October 14:00 -16:00
Session Two: Friday 2nd November 14:00 – 16:00

Session One:

  • Planning a business report: purpose, audience, main message & structure
  • Structuring a business report: memorandum, title page, executive summary, table of  contents,introduction,conclusions/recommendations, findings and discussion, references, appendicesSession Two:
  • Writing your business report: headings and subheadings, paragraph structure, clear sentences, keeping writing professional, using white-space, well-chosen fonts, page numbering, using footnotes, tables, figures and appendices appropriately
  •  Checklist of a business report

How to book:
1)Go to:

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2) Log in with your UAL username and password
3) Go to the Language Development tab and then choose Academic English Skills Classes
4) Select the time you wish to book and note the location.
You will receive an email notification with details of the booking.


If you cannot come to your class, please cancel your booking at least 48 hours before the session.  This will allow another student to book. Please log into Skills Forge to cancel your booking.  There is a cancellation link you can click at the bottom of the booking confirmation.